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Audio discussion forums are like if there existed forums about outer space with contributions from both astronomy and astrology enthusiasts. Astronomy people interested in empirical facts about planets and stars would have to constantly counter specious claims about celestial events influencing our personalities and mundane earthly events. Real life audio forums are full of bickering […]

…Or What I Wish I’d Known about What Does Make a Difference in Home Audio A year ago I wrote a blog post detailing what I wish I’d understood about audio when first becoming obsessed with this stuff. This article has been shared vastly more times than anything else I’ve written, and I admit it […]

…Or What I Wish I’d Known Before Ever Setting Foot in a Hi-fi Store The following is my attempt to succinctly describe what audio skeptics believe about basic issues related to sound quality and consumer audio equipment. This may seem inconsequential to some, but then again music itself may seem inconsequential to some. Rather than focus […]